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If you have been denied a mobile phone contract due to bad credit, don’t give up hope. Talk Mobile offers some of the top handsets on contract to customers with bad credit. However, chances of approval are not always 100% and if you have a bad credit rating, it would be a good idea to do a self-credit check, online or via agencies and then depending on your credit viability you can apply for a suitable contract.

With a bad credit rating, it is usually a good idea to apply for a plan under £30/month, and Talk Mobile offers plans for as low as £7.50 per month, so even if you have credit defaults you can still apply for a contract for lower value models. Another option is to apply for one of the pay-as-you-go schemes that Talk Mobile offers. These are usually easier to secure when you have a bad credit rating. A popular option is the Samsung Galaxy Y, which will cost you £7.50 a month. In a pay as you go plan, the Galaxy Y will cost you £97 with no bill hassles, upfront payment and rental charges.

When you apply for a mobile phone contract, the information that you need to provide will consist of your general information, contact details, employment details as well as your residential address for the past three years. You can then set up your payment details, which will require your credit information, and you’re all set.

When applying for a phone with a bad credit record, it’s a good idea to set the bar low, Talk Mobile offers a multitude of tariff plans that you can apply for ranging from pay as you go plans, 12 month or 24 month contracts, or even SIM only plans which may be the easiest to secure. Paying off these fairly low monthly charges will help you improve your credit score and make future purchases easier.

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