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If you have bad credit rating but are still looking for a 4G phone, EE could come to your rescue. You can find an amazing collection of 4G enabled handsets under EE’s pay monthly schemes; most high end smartphones are available starting at £29.00 for most handsets, though the iPhone 5 16 GB is available for £19.99. The device cost for various deals differs depending on the plan chosen. A Blackberry Z10 will cost you £29.99 under the monthly plan costing £46, but it will cost you £49.99 under the £41 plan. These numbers represent the down payment and the monthly cost, respectively. Plans and handset costs will vary across different types of deals on EE.

You can find 24 month 4GEE plans, 12 month 4GEE plans, 12 month SIM-only 4GEE plans. In these plans, you get to choose the handset as per the data plan that is chosen by you. In the SIM-only plan, you can choose the handset and choose the SIM and data plan accordingly. The lowest 24 and 12 month plans start from £31 and £41 respectively. If you have a bad credit history you can apply for the plans of the lowest possible denominations. You may be cleared if you make the deposit for the phone, and you can bump up your data plan as your credit stability and subsequently your credit rating improves. You need to provide personal details such as name, email id, etc. billing details, such as your address etc. as well as your payment details, such as debit/credit card information.

Bad credit history does not prevent you from having a good handset, start with a SIM only plan or a plan of a lower denomination and build on it till your credit rating improves so you can snag the premium phones that EE sells off the shelves as well.

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