Been Refused a Mobile Phone Contract?

There are times when people are refused contract phone agreements and these are usually for a variety of legal reasons, such as inadequate credit score – based on credit history, age of the client (only 18 year olds and above can hold contracts) and so on and so forth.

In the event that you have been denied a contract based on your credit, you are entitled to a 60 day notice period along with exact details of the basis on which you have been refused. You can also contact the credit reporting agency that provided the service provider with your credit information, in order to check its accuracy and truthfulness. You can then check the criteria for the phone contract you were hoping to get and collaborate your credit information with the same to understand the grounds on which you were rejected or how you are still entitled to obtain a particular type of contract with particular call rates.

If you do not have a credit history, you can easily make yourself one by investing in a secured credit card of a small amount, which provides them the necessary expenditure information they require to approve your contract phone. Your chances of obtaining contracts without a credit history are very slim and hence this is a viable option. You could also ask a relative to provide a guarantee on the phone on your behalf.

When refused a phone contract, you must definitely obtain all the information regarding the deal falling through. It is knowing what is wrong with the earlier provided information that will help when proving that you are entitled to a phone contract or to ensure that you apply correctly the next time, showing the organisation that your credit history is worthy of a deal with a contract phone.

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