Based on a certain bad credit rating, mobile phone contract on Orange is still possible, although with a few restrictions for instance international calls can’t be made, MMS facility isn’t there etc. The handset probably won’t be of your choice. However, if you can manage to convince the company that you are capable enough to be involved in riskless long term business, better services as well as all the other features will be made available to you.

It is essential for you to be registered on the electoral register with the address you want to be contacted at. Otherwise there are chances for your credit referrals to be declined. You can try a SIM only plan on the basis of a 30 day contract. In such a scenario these credit checks become easier to clear as the cost, £200-£300, for a handset isn’t involved. You have a guaranteed long term contract after the three months if you get the SIM only plan. The other alternative involved is to apply directly to the Orange retail with ID proof, but that hardly seem to get the way cleared.

If you are regular with the payments on the prescribed due dates, they will let you have internet access along with your choice of additional mobile services. But all this will be possible if you satisfy the company very well. Without a credit check, you can even get the contract deals of Nokia n96, if you stick to the due dates and make the payments regularly.

In some scenarios a SIM only plan may seem like the only go. But, that may not be the only option available. In case of a bad credit rating, if at least two persons in your household possess contracts with Orange, you are automatically eligible for a mobile phone contract.

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