It depends on the network provider on the kind of deals, schemes they make available for bad credit rating. Vodafone may not be the best option as a network in case you have bad credit rating, as its credit policies are quire stringent. Get a good idea of your credit score before hand through any of the major credit referencing agencies. Based on the evaluation, you get a response regarding your credit check. Before trying again, you have to wait for three months. This will give a fair chance to your credit rating to recover.

To be eligible for a mobile contract by Vodafone, one of the foremost things to be kept in mind is to register on the voters roll. Be cautious with the number of companies you apply for credit to as a large number of these credit applications could also impact your overall credit score. There is another suggestion that you can consider: purchasing mobile phone contract that covers only the bare essentials. As you build credit by making regular payments, you can eventually switch to a high end plan with more benefits. If your credit is so bad that you can’t obtain any mobile phone contract, it may be more prudent to hunt for a pay as you go plan to tide you over till you can afford a mobile phone contract.

Networks like T-Mobile, Virgin, Three Mobile and Orange are much feasible options compared to Vodafone, for customers with bad credit. However, retailers like PhonesForAll also offer mobile phone contracts with Vodafone for customers with bad credit, provided they fulfill some basic requirements like proof of age, income and address.

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