Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contracts

If you're looking for a bad credit phone contract then you've come to the right place. We specialise in finding mobile phones for people with a bad credit rating by sharing our experiences in the mobile phone market. When it comes to applying for a contract there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

  1. The Monthly Cost - If you have a bad credit score the chances are that you will be refused if you apply for a contract with a high monthly cost. The lower the monthly cost, the higher chance you have of being approved.
  2. The Handset - If you apply for a phone contract with the latest mobile handset, the chances of being accepted are much lower when compared to a lower-end model.
  3. The Network - Some UK phone networks have a slightly higher tolerance for people with low or poor credit. So, if you know which networks to apply for you can improve your odds of being approved. Don't worry, we know, and we are telling!

One final point to mention is that if you are a person with bad credit then it's important to understand why your credit rating is low. There can be numerous reasons why your credit history is less than average; such as missed bill payments, CCJ's, bankruptcy, and even errors on your credit report. Each one of these reasons needs to be thoroughly dealt with by you before you attempt to apply for further financial strains. We recommend taking out your credit report, for free, with Experian or Equifax.