Three Mobile has a lot to offer to its customers with bad credit rating. Three Mobile supplies a large selection of high end smartphones on a budgeted monthly plan. Currently, Three Mobile is also offering great acceptance rates on very low price SIM contract (the pay monthly kind). Such deals truly make Three Mobile distinct as a very favourable network to apply in case you have a bad credit rating. To get started with applying for a bad credit plan, determine your expected credit rating through a reliable credit check and fill out an application on the Three Mobile website. Hit the ‘apply’ button. The company will get back with results showing if you are eligible for a mobile contract.

In case you are in a situation where in you are seeking for a mobile contract with bad credit rating, then the first thing you need to do is to get a good understanding of the market along with the reason as to why many people get rejected often. A mobile phone contract is essentially like a loan by the carrier to the customer, with the handset cost being subsidized along with monthly payments for facilities like calls, texts and data. A bad credit rating tells the carrier you’re likely to default on the payments, which means you’re more likely to get rejected. However, those with bad credit ratings can still opt for mobile phone contracts for low end devices, which have smaller monthly payments.

Though Three is generally favorable towards customers with bad credit ratings, a high end smartphone on contract will probably be impossible to snag till you improve your credit rating. In such a scenario, it is best to either go for a low end smartphone and upgrade later, or approach retailers like PhonesForAll for mobile phone contracts. All you’ll need to furnish is documents like proof of age, residence and income, along with credit/debit card details.

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