Improve Your Chances of Being Approved

Phone contracts are convenient connections to have, which ensure that you stay connected through your mobile phone at all times and at convenient rates. A typical two year mobile phone contract takes into account your credit score, which is decided based on credit history.

In order to ensure that your contract is not rejected, you can take a few simples steps to ensure the same. Check your credit history and ensure that all the details are in order. A clean credit history goes a long way in ensuring that the company knows that you are responsible with your money, which reduces the chances of default payments (for the company). If there are any defaults which you’d like to contest, make sure your complaint is registered and sorted out soon. Nothing plays havoc with your credit score better than a continuing default. Ensure that all information in your credit report is exact and true. In the event that your credit history is erratic and has overdrafts, defaulted/delayed payments scattered all over it, you can use phone on finance facility or request a relative with a good credit track record to provide a guarantee with the organisation on your behalf.

By taking the necessary expenditure precautions, especially with credit and bank payments, you can present a good case for approval to a mobile phone on contract. The primary concerns are the client’s ability to pay and that too on a long term recurring basis. With a low credit score, it is best to enlist the help of a relative or trusted acquaintance to stand in as a guarantee on your contract. Of course, as always, don’t buy something you can’t afford later on!

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